We're All Gullible

I am recommending Stephen Greenspan's excellent essay from The Wall Street Journal. The piece is excerpted from Greenspan's new book on gullibility. The book is tipped to become definitive on the subject. The author has studied the subject in great depth and rightly refers to gullibility as a very common form of social incompetence. Those who fancy the idea that they're not gullible ought to check out the following sources that specialize in debunking myths: the Disinformation series of books, the skeptic.com website, and the Penn & Teller show on Showtime television. You will surely discover at least one myth you actually believe (or believed)!


  1. Thanks for the nice mention of my article and book, but the article is not excerpted from the book. Ironically, I learned of my loss in Madoff's scam the same week the book came out, and the article was written subsequently. Sincerely, Stephen Greenspan


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