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Highlights from the FIFA World Cup 2010

I particularly like shots on goal taken from outside the penalty area. And they're even sweeter when they find the net. More often than not, they only work if they are executed with scorching speed and pinpoint accuracy. Some of the best practitioner of prior years include David Beckham and Roberto Carlos. I intend to use this space to document this World Cup's best goals or shots on goal from beyond the penalty box. So, here goes.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal v Ivory Coast, 10') Valter Birsa (Slovenia v US, 13')Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands v Japan, 53')Keisuke Honda (Japan v Denmark, 17')Yasuhito Endo (Japan v Denmark, 30')Chu-Young Park (South Korea v Uruguay, 5')Luis Suarez (Uruguay v South Korea, 80')Frank Lampard (England v Germany, 38' and 51')C Salcido (Mexico v Argentina, 8')Tevez (Argentina v Mexico, 52')Messi (Argentina v Mexico, 92')Diego Forlan (Uruguay v Ghana, 13' and 54')Xavi (Spain v Paraguay, 28')Villa …