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Adriano, the Arduino Robot | Step 1 (Basic Operation)

I started this series of projects to teach my kids (Ria and Ronak) about programming, electronics, mechanics and robotics. Although this design has been informed by numerous books, videos and articles (see references below), the final design is my own (not kit-based, except for the chassis, or copied verbatim from anywhere) and I will have to take responsibility for any flaws and imperfections. However, as you can see from this video I uploaded to YouTube, it does work reasonably well for its intended goal.

Component List

Arduino Uno. I plan to switch to the smaller Arduino Nano to see whether the Uno is overkill for this project. Subsequently, I also plan to see how far I can get with the ATtiny85V, PICaxe 08M2 and any other smaller micro-controllers worth trying.Breadboard. I know how to solder (and you should, too), but it's not much fun at all and risks burning out components. Breadboards are great for prototyping, making modifications on the fly, and building projects incremen…