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Best iPhone Apps 2012

A colleague recently made me aware of Time's new list of 50 Best iPhone Apps 2012.

There's a lot of fluff on this list from Time magazine. But here are some of the apps from this list that I actually use and recommend.
ShopSavvy (better than RedLaser). To discover, for example, that most groceries at Target are actually very competitively priced.Dragon (I find the classic version, minus the Go!, to be more useful). To dictate lengthy responses to emails while driving. Required very occasionally, but when you need it you really need it, for example as you're pulling into the parking lot to let someone who is in a meeting and can't take a phone call know that you need them to fetch a projector for the very next meeting. Mildly not useful if you have to correct the transcription but works well once you get used to speaking clearly. Side benefit: helps you learn to speak clearly!GasBuddy. Good for that initial "wow" discovery that some gas stations (usually ones…