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Wine Tasting

Rhymes with time wasting (spoonerism). Enough said. (And you learned something new!)

Dropbox Versus Google Docs

I use Dropbox to keep editable documents synchronized across machines (e.g. PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets). I use Google Docs to store read-only documents in the cloud (e.g. PDF books).

Small Portions

Super Size, the McDonald's trademark became a liability after the movie Super Size Me (2004) turned it into a four letter word. McDonald's discontinued the term in 2004. Nevertheless, McDonald's and most other food outlets continue to serve very large portions. I despised large portions well before the movie came out. I go out of my way to buy the smallest portion available, especially when comes to products containing sugar, salt or other stuff you're supposed to consume in moderation. Small fries, which the family often shares. I love the new Haagen Dazs single portion cups (3.6 FL OZ, 106 mL). I stock up on Pepsi's smallest can offering, the 227 mL.

The Facebook Age

Many of us are well and truly in the Facebook age. New Year wishes are communicated almost exclusively via Facebook status updates or similar and reciprocated via Facebook like-clicks and comments. It's a shift from a push model (passively receive letters, greeting cards, phone calls, emails) to a pull model (actively visit Facebook to receive your wishes). The only exceptions we're willing to make are for those who are not on Facebook (grandparents et al). Although the Facebook model can be highly impersonal, it can also be highly efficient and effective. You reach out to all your family and friends in a matter of a few keystrokes. And there's still plenty of room for adding personal touches via comments et al. Thoughts?

Less Is More

Haagen Dazs single serve cups (3.6 FL Oz, 106 mL). Spoon inside. Chocolate Peanut Butter.