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A History of Computers

No-a-more Gaddafi!


Al Jazeera English: Live Streaming

American regulators and content providers claim that there is no market for Al Jazeera in the US. Watch and decide for yourself.

Al Qaeda: An American Invention

As this very interesting (and not very surprising) BBC video explains, Al Qaeda as an organized hierarchy never existed. The name and structure was invented by the US. Bin Laden merely funded disparate pro-Islamic, anti-US initiatives but simply wasn't sitting at the top of some mafia-like family, calling the shots.

Arab Revolution 2.0

As usual, Wikipedia has an excellent summary of what I call the Arab Revolution 2.0 (since it was fueled, in large part, by the Internet). December 18, 2010-Ongoing. Tunisia. Algeria. Libya. Jordan. Mauritania. Sudan. Oman. Yemen. Saudi Arabia. Egypt. Syria. Morocco. Djibouti. Iraq. Somalia. Bahrain. Kuwait. Deaths: 851. Arrests: 1,000+. Injured: 4,000+.

The Arab Uprising in 100 Words

Arab uprising in 100 words. Triggered in Tunisia. Street vendor Bouazizi's 12/17 self-immolation (died on 1/4) to protest the authorities' seizure of his goods. Pushed Ben Ali to flee to Saudi Arabia. Uprising spread to Egypt. Caused Mubarak's family to flee to Britain. Causing tremors in Jordan (government sacked), Algeria (protests), Libya (protests), Sudan (protests). Latest beneficiary is Yemen. Saleh has promised not to run for reelection.