Rahman's Latest Score: Slumdog Millionaire

Folks, I recommend this piece as a brief introduction, especially for Westerners, to A R RAHMAN -- a truly ingenious music composer who deserves a wide and varied audience. Perhaps what is most impressive about Rahman is his comprehensiveness and reach -- the way he combines classical music sophistication with an extraordinary sense for percussion, rhythm, and the various genres of music. Although everything he puts out is good and he has numerous gems hidden in obscure movie soundtracks (e.g. Chor Chor, Zubeidaa), my favorite movie soundtracks by Rahman include Bombay, Earth, and Water (note: they might take a few listens to grow on you). And I just discovered that the movie Slumdog Millionaire (Rahman's latest score) has climbed to #46 on IMDB's list of Top 250 movies (all-time).


  1. Slumdog Millionaire just won FOUR Golden Globes, including AR RAHMAN for Best Original Score!

  2. Just got word that Slumdog has secured ten Oscar nominations!

  3. Just got word that Slumdog's ten Oscar nominations include three for AR Rahman!


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