Facebook Is NOT Like Twitter

Those who claim that the new Facebook is like Twitter clearly have no clue what they're talking about. All that has happened is that Facebook has changed the label of its status update window to read a bit like Twitter's. The two applications have entirely different goals. Facebook is for social networking. Twitter is for marketing yourself. Twitter is also good for information fiends like me because the leading Twitters post a ton of useful updates and links in order to market themselves and improve their ranking (measured in terms of number of Followers). That makes Twitter the information superhighway of the web -- and Following the leading Twitters is a bit like drinking from a fire hose. What Twitter calls Followers are just called Friends on Facebook. And for good reason because anyone can choose to Follow you on Twitter -- you can follow me on Twitter by going to my Twitter page -- but Facebook Friendship requires mutual, two-way consent. Broadly, there are two types of Followers on Twitter. One, folks like me who crave information and Follow people who post informative updates and links. Two, celebrity stalkers/fans -- the kinds who read People magazine (totally not me). On the other hand, Twitter has none of the features and applications that make Facebook a great site for slowing down a bit, getting to know family and friends, and enjoying the good things in life.


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