AR Rahman's Nokia Connections

I recently stumbled upon more fodder for my Rahmania. I've gotten my slimy hands on AR Rahman's latest non-movie-soundtrack album -- Nokia Connections -- a 60-minute collection of largely instrumental compositions with representation from several of India's folk traditions and influences. I can do no better than point readers to Amanda Sodhi's excellent review and discussion. My favorites are Jiya Se Jiya, Mann Chandre, and Mosquito.

  • Jiya Se Jiya (4:18); with great beats (apparently similar to those at wedding/pongal ceremonies in Kerala)

  • Mann Chandre (7:48); a Punjabi song featuring Sukhwinder Singh, among the highlights of this collection

  • Kural (5:24); a Tamil song featuring rapper Blaaze

  • Silent Invocation A (8:39); mellow flute

  • Silent Invocation B (8:50); mellow flute

  • Silent Invocation C (5:20); mellow flute

  • Mylapore Blues (6:03); guitar-based easy jazz blended with Carnatic percussion

  • Himalaya (3:23); piano-based, discernably oriental in flavor

  • Mosquito (9:06); a lovely Sarangi-based composition, perhaps the strongest number on this album


  1. Amanda is absolutely blessed that you connected her review to your blog. :) Gana (music) suno aur enjoy karo....Thanks will listen to this...:)


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