Ode To The Handyman

I recently posted a list of DIY projects on Facebook and a friend responded to suggest that I hire a handyman. So, I wrote this response to explain why I prefer the DIY route.

Understand. I like to understand how things work. Fixing things is a great way of achieving an appreciation for how things work, what causes them to stop working, and how to build them better and use them the right way so that they last longer. (While growing up, one of my father's books The Way Things Work was among my favorites. Hard to believe, but this 1967 classic is apparently still in print!)

Delegate With Competence. I like to know how something is done before I delegate it. That way I can provide competent supervision and am less likely to be taken for a ride.

Reduce Waste. Once you develop a handyman mentality, you tend to fix things rather than throw them away. We have become a throwaway society that creates far too much trash. So, I am always looking for ways to reduce my garbage footprint.

Save Time. Rather than schedule an appointment with a handyman, likely take a day off work, wait for his arrival, and hang around while he works, I can do the job during off hours, at my own convenience.

Stay Active. All the fixing helps me maintain an active lifestyle. And that's a major plus in today's sedentary society wherein we spend most of the day either sitting or lying down.

Save Money. It's cheaper. Not only do I not have to pay exorbitant hourly rates, I also don't lose a vacation day at work. And I can use the money I save to fund our next vacation trip.

(Of course, none of the above really applies if you're not handy. And in that case you have no choice but to either hire or befriend a handyman.)


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