Ranbir "Rocket Singh" Kapoor

I finally watched my first Hindi movie in a very long while. ROCKET SINGH is a very special film. This moving picture presents what is arguably the most wholesome Sikh protagonist ever created by Bollywood. The lead character, played admirably by Ranbir "Singh" Kapoor, is not that of a military man (Border), or a hothead (Sat Sri Akal, Singh Is King), or a martyr (various Bhagat Singh movies). Instead, refreshingly, this hero is an honest, hardworking and enterprising man -- a largely underplayed aspect of the Sikh ethos. Kudos to the entire team that gave us this gem of a movie!


  1. Like Rocket Singh's pic...yellow pic...

  2. Shared your u may post on lories...how do u get these...how do u insert these...There is another problem...after i say post comment...it goes to the top...then have to scroll down to enter that secret code u provide...but ideally it should show below the post comment button, after clicking it...

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  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4PMUZ055vc nice dancing by Ranbir...


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