The Best Books of the Decade (2000-2009)

Here's a rundown of the most useful compilations I've come across.
My own favorites are listed below.
  • My Stroke of Insight (Taylor)
  • Architecture (Glancey)
  • Under the Banner of Heaven (Krakauer)
  • Discovering the Sikhs (McLeod)
  • The Spiral Staircase (Armstrong)
  • The Undercover Economist (Harford)
  • The Tipping Point (Gladwell)
  • Freakonomics (Levitt)
  • A Really Short History of Nearly Everything (Bryson)
  • The Future of Freedom (Zakaria)
  • My Job Went to India (Fowler)
  • Effective Java (Bloch)
  • Letter to a Christian Nation (Harris)
  • A Little History of the World (Gombrich)
  • Vows (Manseau)
  • Step Across This Line (Rushdie)
  • An Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire (Roy)
  • The Algebra of Infinite Justice (Roy)
  • Power Politics (Roy)
  • War Talk (Roy)
  • Holy Cow (Macdonald)


  1. Crazy aol should report on someone 70 from India...Hm Was going through your favorite books...when do you read them


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