Facebook Changes for Dummies

  • The "Highlights" panel on the right is gone. It has been merged into the "News Feed" (see below). This is where Facebook used to display the most interesting posts (photo albums, videos, links, etc) from the last several days.

  • "News Feed" contains posts from the last day or so deemed by Facebook to be most interesting to you. They tend to be either posts that are receiving the most comments/likes, posts that tend to generate the most interest (photos, videos), or posts from friends with whom you interact the most. This is the best option for those who visit Facebook infrequently.

  • "Live Feed" contains posts in chronological order from all your friends, with most recent first. So typically you're only seeing what has been posted in the last hour or two. This is the best option for those who visit Facebook frequently.

  • Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that you can hide the newly reintroduced "X and Y are now friends" items in the "Live Feed".

  • This feature isn't new, but you can disable feeds from certain friends or certain applications by hovering on the item, clicking the "Hide" drop down menu, and selecting the name of the friend or the application (e.g. Mafia Wars or Farmville).


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