Why I Love The Bose Wave Music System

What I like most about the Bose Wave Music System is its size-to-sound ratio, price-to-sound ratio, absence of external moving parts, and ability to play MP3 CDs. The minimalist external design is simply remarkable. I don't believe there is anything else in the market that is one-piece and can compete on these metrics.
  • Size-to-sound ratio. This system fits on one corner of my bedroom dresser and is as much music system as I'll ever need. The sound quality and quantity is superb and superior to what one might expect from much larger and more expensive music systems. Based on a volume scale that goes from 0-99, I generally listen at around 35-40, bump it up to 50-60 for party moods, and have never needed to go much higher than 70. There is nothing else in the market that is this small and provides a similar sound quality.

  • Price-to-sound ratio. Again, the sound quality this system affords me for the $500 price tag is about as much music system as I'll ever need at home or wish to purchase for a home music system.

  • Minimalist external design. I love the fact that there are absolutely no buttons on this system. Everything is accomplished via a compact remote control device. Since external moving parts are usually the first things to fail on a system, this machine is built for longevity.

  • Radio. The system includes an AM/FM radio with a digital tuner.

  • Clock. A clock with alarm is included. The clock will maintain time even after it has been without external power for 24 hours.

  • MP3 Player. The system will play MP3 CDs. This is a major feature when you consider that many CD players do not play MP3 CDs. I've created a few MP3 CDs with my choicest selections. The MP3 CDs play perfectly on this system. The system even displays the song and artist names, which it doesn't do for regular audio CDs. At an optimistic rate of 1 minute of play time per megabyte of an MP3 file, 700 MB translates into about 700 minutes or a ceiling of just under 12 hours of total play time. Actual play times will vary depending on the quality of MP3 (higher the quality, greater the size, and lower the play time per megabyte). Regardless, this is a great substitute for a bulky and expensive multi-CD changer.

  • Aux In. There's a jack for running a cable from your television (or any other device) to your Bose Wave Music System so that you can enjoy the rich Bose sound while watching a movie. No need to invest thousands of dollars in an expensive and elaborate surround sound home theater system.

  • Headphones. A headphone jack is provided.

  • For a detailed list of features, check out the web site at the link provided above.


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