Barack Obama and the White Vote

It is well known that Barack Obama won the vote in many constituencies including the college educated, the youth, most (if not all) minority groups, and women.

However, there is a misconception among most people that he did poorly among whites.

It is true that Obama got a minority of white votes. He received 43% as compared to McCain's 55%. Hence, a 12 point spread.

However, it is critical to note how Obama's performance among whites compares with that of previous Democratic Party nominees. Many people aren't aware that the Democratic Party has traditionally struggled to win the white vote. Obama's 12 point spread is actually the same as that of Al Gore in 2000 and better than John Kerry's 17 point spread in 2004.

Apparently, no Democrat has won a majority of the white vote since Lyndon B Johnson in 1964. And LBJ was the only Democrat to win the white vote since Roosevelt won it in 1932.

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